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Stamar Management Corp manages commercial properties throughout the United States, including commercial office and medical buildings, shopping centers, and big box retail properties. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff members understand the demands of commercial property management.

Stamar Management Corp works with both big and small investors. We have succeeded in improving asset value, increasing cash flow, and improving the property to meet the future needs of our property owners.

Managing the Property for You  
  • Annual weatherization checks and seasonal preparation

  • Annual building inspections with pictures and analysis of what improvements can be done

  • Establishment of specifications for contract services such as landscaping, heating and cooling, lighting, parking lots, fire suppressions and monitoring systems and other items that require regular inspection, testing and care.

  • Coordinating annual elevator inspections and establishing ongoing maintenance programs.

  • Coordination and supervision of janitorial services.

  • Coordination of all services such as trash removal, alarm monitoring and security.

We also provide a full array of other services for your property, which will better help you make decisions. Below are some of the items we will perform:

  • Full bookkeeping of receipts and disbursements with back up documentation

  • Monthly rent and financial statements to tenants

  • Handling of leasing inquires regarding the property

  • Maintenance monitoring and review looking for repeat patterns and variations in costs to be corrected

  • Regular inspections of the building

  • Annual budgets with monthly and year to date actual income/expense comparison

  • Annual reviews of third party services contracts such as trash, security, etc.

Understanding the Financial Performance 

Stamar Management Corp provides a full accounting service for your property with experienced staff that correctly accounts for all funds and maintains complete and accurate records. All funds are deposited into a federally insured financial institution trust account.

Reports You Will Receive
Standard monthly reports consist of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Rent Roll, Bank Reconciliation Reports, copies of Bank Statements (with copies of all checks). If you would like to receive additional reports, all you have to do is ask. Our property management software has over 250 standard reports or we can customize a report to fit your needs.

Collection of Rents

Stamar Management Corp collects all the rents from your tenants. On the tenth of the month, we review the payment status of all tenants, and send a letter to any tenants that are delinquent. On the 20th of the month, a second letter is sent giving the tenant a deadline to pay. By the end of the month, we will discuss options with you on whether we should use legal means to obtain restitution of the premises, or to encourage payment.

Maintaining your Property

Your property manager will supervise the completion of all maintenance using qualified maintenance staff or vendors that are part of a select list that Stamar Management Corp has developed. That list is of vendors and contractors who are licensed and insured to provide service you will need. Maintenance requests are generated through inspections, telephone requests, additional work as a result of previous or current jobs, or a preventive maintenance plan. Maintenance work is reviewed and authorized by the property manager, and assigned to the appropriate vendor. The manager then monitors the invoices for completion, quality, and costs. We will establish a spending limit, and any non-emergency work costing more than that limit will be reviewed with you before any work is started.

Stamar Management Corp has a 24-hour emergency maintenance system. A senior property manager and a maintenance person are on call to take care of emergencies. If a potential property damaging, or life threatening emergency were to occur such as: water pipe break, fire, heating failure, roof leak, flood or other disaster, Stamar Management Corp will assign a vendor or will respond within an hour to repair or secure the complex. We will review all incidents to determine whether an insurance claim is necessary.

All maintenance work discussed below will either be handled on a bid basis or assigned as the need arises. You may choose to have your own contractor perform any of the work below. All maintenance work costing more than $5,000.00 will require three bids, and will carry an additional 5% project coordination fee.

Heating and Cooling

When applicable, Stamar Management Corp will develop a plan to manage the heating and cooling needs of your property. We will hire and supervise a qualified heating and cooling contractor to perform all maintenance and service. We will establish specifications in which the heating and cooling system will be maintained, and have the plan bid accordingly. All service calls are reviewed by the property manager and referred to vendor to resolve. All HVAC invoices are then billed to the tenants in accordance of their leases.


Stamar Management Corp will supervise all electrical work necessary. All maintenance requests will be reviewed by the property manager and assigned to the appropriate qualified vendor.


Stamar Management Corp will coordinate annual elevator inspections. Our property manager will review the report and determine a course of action to repair any potential problems. Any reports or problems will be reviewed and assigned by the property managers. Any failures or emergencies will be resolved immediately by the assigned contractor.


Our property manager will coordinate the janitorial work at your building. We will inspect hallways, elevators, restrooms, and entryway to ensure that the utmost cleaning and sanitation standards have been met. We will also inspect tenant spaces to make sure their needs are being met. Stamar Management Corp will meet with the janitor regularly for a complete inspection, and review of services combined.

Plumbing and Fixtures

All appropriate plumbing and fixture work is done as requested. Stamar Management Corp has a list of qualified vendors who can respond to plumbing problems immediately. Our manager will review the leases, to identify tenants who will be responsible for plumbing repairs. If the tenant is responsible for any work completed by the Landlord, the tenant will be billed and all appropriate action will be taken to collect any balance owing.

Minor Painting

Our property manager will review the paint condition and inform you on steps that need to be taken. We will advise you if we think interior painting needs to be done in vacant spaces.

Roofing and Drains

Stamar Management Corp will inspect the roof once a year. If necessary a selected contractor will be asked to assist in the inspection. We will submit pictures for review by you. You, the property manager and roofer will determine what work should be done to any problems which, may arise out of an aging roof. Stamar Management Corp’s maintenance department or a selected contractor will clean the gutters and down spouts in October, December, and May. We will monitor for roof leaks, review incoming service calls and refer to appropriate vendor.

Weatherization and Seasonal Maintenance

Managers review the specific needs in regards to drainage, freezing, and wind. Stamar Management Corp implements a plan to weatherize all properties every November to include, but not limited to, closing outside vents, covering hose bibs, and any other item determined by manager and ownership. We instruct tenants on what they should do if freezing weather occurs.

Grounds Maintenance

Stamar Management Corp will ensure that the property is swept and kept looking clean. We will engage a professional landscaping company to maintain landscaped areas.

Graffiti Removal

Removal and elimination of graffiti a top priority within our company. Within 24 hours after a tag has been identified our maintenance department is making arrangements to clean up or touch up affected areas. Usually, graffiti cleanup and cover up can be completed within a few days.

Parking Lots

Stamar Management Corp will hire a sweeper to sweep all driveway, and through ways on a twice a month basis. Stamar Management Corp will monitor the sweeping company to ensure that the lot is swept properly and debris is removed from the premises.

Maintenance Forms

Service calls are handled through the use of two forms that are used for maintenance control. The first is generated by our automated work order tracking system and is simply a work order. The work order is filled out and then reviewed and approved by the property manager. If the call is assigned to Stamar Management Corp maintenance department, the call is completed and sent to the accounting department, where the amount is invoiced and paid, with property manager approval, from the appropriate account. If the call is assigned to an outside vendor, the information is entered into the maintenance database.

Another form, which is used by our property managers, is our Commercial Building Inspection Sheet. This sheet helps guide our property manager to look at certain items that may cause problems. From the inspections the property manager develops a list of projects and work orders to be dealt with immediately or in the future through budgeting.

Keeping Your Tenants Happy

Stamar Management Corp believes in forging strong partnerships between building managers and tenants. These relationships enable us to know what is going on at a particular site. We regularly visit with tenants to see what we can do for them. We find these informal meetings frequently identify problems at a property. They enable the tenant to voice concerns about the structure, management, other tenants, or neighborhood problems which adversely affect the tenants business.

Immediately after we are retained, we will send out letters to tenants introducing ourselves. Our manager will then meet with the tenants so we can start developing our relationship as soon as possible. Our experience shows us, the more we know about your tenants and your tenants business, the better we can serve them.

Stamar Management Corp responds to any maintenance or service needs a tenant may have. Calls are routinely followed up within 24 hours, except in emergencies or during a system failure when immediate response is necessary. The Property Manager responds to any questions regarding leasing and rents. We send notices informing tenants of special maintenance projects such as building painting or cleaning, lot paving and major roofing jobs.
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